Backpack Midi Kids 15L green | yellow

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EAN: 4260513223419 | ArtNr.: 341

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  • Rucksack 15L
  • Reflektor
  • Kinder
  • Erwachsene

Size: 40x27x14 cm

Weight: 265 g

Material: polyester, nylon, plastic (POM)

Children / youth from 7 years


  • Spacious, clear main compartment with zip-net compartment on the inside front
  • Long zip pocket on the front
  • Two power packs with a small loop on the sides
  • Reflectors all around
  • Handl
  • Length-adjustable chest strap
  • Two material loops
  • Name and address label inside the main compartment
  • Headphones opening


Delivery does not include decorative items.